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Irving and Sam Stein in Los Angeles in 1945


In 1934 Irving J. Stein, while working for an insurance company, began investigating suspicious claims. Soon that was all he did, and the first Stein Investigation Agency was created in the Chicago area. After a three-year interruption during World War II, Irving restarted the agency in Los Angeles with his brother Sam in 1946. The brothers established the agency's reputation for a high quality investigative product and reliable, ethical service. In fact, many consider that Stein set the standard for high-caliber investigation in California.

Sam passed away in 1984 and Irving retired in 2001. The agency has now joined forces with DMA Claims Services, a national claims adjusting and administration company, giving Stein investigators access to resources in DMA's many branch locations across the United States. Stein Investigation Agency continues to operate as a distinct entity, managed by the same personnel who have been serving Stein's clients for decades.


Clifford Mosby supervises the General Investigation Unit
which includes relocation; interviewing and statementizing witnesses; handling background, employment and Special Damages research; on-site accident investigation; facilitating and expediting all discovery requests including Answers to Interrogatories and Requests For Admissions; and surveillance. Cliff is a licensed Private Investigator, licensed Guard and a Body Guard. He started with Stein in 1967 and has worked major celebrity cases, airline crash cases, and major product liability cases, among others. He has been interviewed on CNN, KCET, KNBC, KTLA, KABC and KCBS, and featured in American Lawyer Magazine, Fact Sheet Five and Ebony Magazine.

(323) 275-2170, ext. 2178


Gary Fradis supervises the Trial Preparation Department
including service of process; relocation of subjects; stakeouts; preparation of documents—all courts statewide; facilitating and expediting of all discovery requests including Answers to Interrogatories and Requests For Admissions, etc. The supervision of all public records operatives in Los Angeles and surrounding counties comes under this department as well. Gary was graduated from California State University-Northridge with a Bachelors degree in Political Science, specializing in constitutional law and government. Gary has 30 years of managerial, investigative and research experience, supervising trial preparation, insurance fraud investigations, background research relocations, and litigation coordination with attorneys and insurance companies.

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