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Since 1946

What does it take to provide continuous, high quality investigative service to the defense bar and insurance industry for more than 70 years?


At Stein Investigations we know exactly how to get the results you need. Our company is built on successful, thorough investigative methods developed by our founders and carried on by the current staff. We have the resources, in-house and on the street, to get rapid, reliable answers. Our investigators represent a comprehensive set of backgrounds and disciplines including insurance, government, the law, commercial security and military intelligence. They are without peers in California.

Our supervisors started with the Stein Agency in the 1960s and 1970s. They have seen it all, from a professional investigative point of view. Often, years of experience will result in a Stein investigator noticing the "red flag" that will resolve the case. Nothing replaces experience. And nothing is more beneficial to your budget and purpose in hiring an investigator.


We know you have a budget and a deadline. We produce a professional service product on time and at a fair cost, a fact that accounts for our longevity and for client relationships that can be measured in decades.

Thoroughness in an investigation can often make the difference between success and failure. Our staff covers the investigation from all relevant angles to make sure
we uncover the needed information. And our staff's decades of experience help them to know which angles are the right ones to pursue.


You can count on Stein Investigations to get the information you need, fast, on deadline and within budget. Our reliability is one of the things that has kept us successfully in business for 70 years.

Our regular clients know that they can call Stein Investigations when their "back is up against the wall," when no one else has been able to get the information or find the person, or when the deadline is incredibly short. We have routinely been known to come down with that "Hail Mary" pass for our clients. Not every case is like this of course, but it's nice to know that we are a reliable resource for handling the difficult cases.


Any agency can "attempt" to find a person or the needed information, then report that it could not be found. That's the point where we roll up sleeves and get to work. Our experience makes a big difference because we know all the places to look and all the techniques to find people. This includes law enforcement and investigative contacts in other countries that can sometimes be extremely helpful. The bottom line is that when you want a job done, we get it done, period. And this is one of the things that sets Stein Investigation Agency apart.


Because of the high standards established by the Stein brothers and carried on by our current staff, hiring Stein Investigation Agency gives you the security of knowing your case will be handled correctly.

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